Client Feedback

A few words from satisfied clients

Guts and grit and character flowing all over the place! Super impressive! Barry modeled for us the kind of passion and dedication I want for my team, both for the EOS method and for First Court. It was an enormously helpful display of leadership.

Mike Liffrig

First Court

We have enjoyed several years of continued solid growth due in part to the focus and guidance we have received from Barry. I would recommend utilizing his skills.

Roger Christianson

Christianson Business Furniture

Barry is an experienced and business-savvy EOS Implementer. I have seen first-hand the benefits of using his approach for taking companies to a higher level.

Joe Kramer

Remark Technology

Barry is a world-class Implementer of EOS with the ability to guide management teams to resolve core issues quickly. I would recommend Traction and Barry Gish to any business not getting what they want out of their business. Thank you, Barry, for helping us build trust and confidence among our executive team.

Brett Overturf

Liberty Business Systems

Barry brings a high level of expertise in working with teams, essential objectivity to the process, and lots of energy and enthusiasm to each meeting. The EOS process has been the hardest and most valuable foundational transition we have ever gone through. We never knew we had so many issues before we brought Barry in. I lovingly tell him how I have very challenging decisions to make and it’s all his fault! We are a family owned and operated business with all the extra challenges that come along with it. Barry, through the EOS process, has helped us greatly in defining work and personal boundaries. This has laid the ground work to strengthen both sides of our relationships with family members and that alone is worth the time and money invested. Not to mention we are on track to grow 20% annually!

This was exactly what we needed and we would never have gotten here without Barry and EOS.

Nick Walters

All Home Health, Inc.

EOS had a major impact on helping us simplify our rather complex business. Each of the EOS Tools, including the Rocks, Scorecard, 8 Cashflow Drivers, Level 10 Meeting, LMA (Leadership / Management / Accountability), and others, have significantly helped us affect the bottom line. I really value how Barry helps us set SMART Rocks by driving our Leadership Team to identify the most important and strategic things we can accomplish in the next 90 days. On average, our Leadership Team sets 30 Rocks each Quarter and accomplishes them with a 90% success rate. The result on Petro Serve is exponential, and helps us stay focused on accomplishing our 1, 3 and 10 year goals as detailed on our VTO.

EOS has been the fuel that powers growth here at Petro Serve USA.

Kent Satrang

Petro Serve USA

DON’T use Barry if you want to do business as normal, doing things the same tired way, hoping that something will mysteriously change for the better.

DO use Barry if you’re ready to take your company to the next level! He will help you implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), and you will love the results for you, your company, and your team!

We’re implementing EOS under Barry’s guidance right now, and the wisdom, integrity, and experiences he brings to our organization are priceless!

Dave Hultin

Marketing Ideas For Printers

Barry is a disciplined and insightful advisor, with a seasoned background, making him acutely qualified to assist entrepreneurs focus on priorities, resolve issues, and successfully achieve what they want from their companies.

Ken Regan


He is a maestro.

Leonard Sliwoski, C.P.A., C.B.A., PhD


I was more than skeptical when our CEO gave me TRACTION and said, “Read this, we should do it!”. I was certain EOS would never work for us because things we had tried in the past didn’t make much of an impact; I was drastically wrong! EOS has helped our leadership team move from fragmentation to focus, all making better decisions that impact growth. And, by using our Core Values to hire the right people, it has improved the workplace atmosphere and people are choosing to work with us! Barry has a knack for pushing our leadership team to come up with solutions to our issues that actually work. I am amazed by what EOS has done for our organization. By far it has been one of the best business moves we’ve made.

Andrea Zetah

LB Homes

We had tried – without success – to self-implement; we could never bring ourselves to really have the ‘hard conversations’ that we so badly needed to have if we were going to get all that we could out of EOS. Barry was able to lead us through those hard conversations, ask the right questions and within two months the benefits of EOS were starting to appear throughout our company: key changes were made, the leadership team was functioning better, a new Vision for the BeMobile was rolled out, employee communication improved and we are now working as a team.

Overall, this system has been a gift sent from God for myself, and our leadership team, to lead our company to the next level. I would consider Barry a bargain for the value we have gotten from his expertise in EOS.

Brady Hansen


Barry has brought such structure and clarity to our company that I’m not sure where we would be without him. EOS has helped us to clearly define roles for maximum effectiveness. Barry has been great to work with throughout the whole process, and always just a phone call away if (when) we get stuck on something. He has a knack for getting to the root issue of what we’re struggling with. If you want clarity, openness, and unity in your leadership team, give Barry a call.

Andy Bronson

Operations Director, Marketing Ideas For Printers

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